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Ex. Backstage COH interviewer Phillip Miller caught up with Jon Crowe and this is what happen.

Miller: So Crowe, you picked up a huge victory over Henry Sanders tonight. What's next for you?

Jon Crowe: First off, Henry good match, not good enough to beat me, but good try. As for what's next, Bulky I'm looking at you. Your not only the Honorbound Champion, but the leader of Perros Bitchos and I will take you out.

Out of no where Bulky attacked Jon Crowe from behind. Bulky slams Crowe against the walls, against production boxes. Bulky starts to walk off but then realizes that Crowe was getting up. He grabs Crowe by the hair and looks like he about to hit his finisher but Crowe lift him up and hits The Fallen Angel (Fireman's Cutter) and said not tonight boy. Walls off clinching his ribs.


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