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Jon Crowe

Post by HellishxHades on Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:00 pm

Name: Jon Crowe
Billed From: Charleston, WV
Finisher: Crowe Cutter (Fireman Carry Cutter)

Notable Accomplishment:
1x Tag Team Champion
King of Lousiana
Leader of The Flock

Jon Crowe was born in a small WV town, and grew with the passion to become a pro wrestler, in his later teen years, he developed the darker side and provided his best work.

He join the company CoH and started on the HB roster and debuted agians t Miles Morales and wasn't successful, he Then went on a tear and dominated his competition and became the King of Louisiana. But unfortunately couldn't capture the Honorbound World Championship From Them Champ Killian Redd.

He would pit on several good match following that lost, and was announce the #1 contender for Television Championship at CoH v HB, agian unable to defeat then champion, James Robinson.

He started the new season off with a bang as he won a beat the clock challenge to once agian be announced as the #1 Contender for the Honorbound Championship at Brittish Bash. Once agian losing to the then champ, Killian Redd.

He would then go a found The Flock, which consisted of Kuzan and Shiro. Who won the Tag Team Championship on their first day. On the same day he defeated Crazy J to advance to the semi finals of a tournament to see who would become the new World Champion. He unfornuately wasn't able to advance to the finals after losing to Maverick Flynn.

He would go to defend the HB Tag Team Champion in a 6 man tag team match against Blood n Roses at Infamous, Honor Bound 1st ever ppv.


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